General Class Information
  • The online editiion of the textbook can be found at:
  • You will need Adobe Reader to download chapter resources where you find this symbol, .   Get it here.  This symbol, , indicates that a file is in Microsoft Word and this symbol, , indicates a Microsoft Excel file.
  • In order to participate in laboratory activities, all students must return a student safety contract signed by themselves and a parent or guardian if under 18.  Here is a copy of the "B.P. Student Safety Contract" .
  • To have your picture appear on Mrs. Rebello class page,, you must have the web page permission section of your safetly contract signed by yourself and your parent or guardian if under 18.    This  is a copy of her contract.
  • Here  is a tentative "Pacing Chart" for coverage of the material in this year's biology class.
  • All chapter reviews can be found on the "Biology Reviews" page.