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This web page is designed to keep students and parents abreast of the assignments and activities in my science classes.  The links at the bottom of this page are for those who would like to go further. The challenge questions are worth 5 points extra credit on student's homework grades for the week.  To see other resources for student chemistry book, click here.

Feature of the Week:

This weeks unit is the study of forensic science.  Students will do tests to solve a hypothetical mystery.
Assignments for theWeek:
May 9
Students will watch the Discovery Channel School video: Forensic Detectives   and do Forensic Science Crossword Puzzle (for homework).
May 10
Students will read the Mystery Synopsis: Celebration and do the worksheet by the same name (in class).  They will read The Art and Science of Criminal Investigation: Protecting the Crime Scene and do the CHEMISTRY WORKSHEET: Protecting the Crime Scene (for homework).
May 11
Students will do the Gunshot Residue Lab and complete lab reports (in class).  They will read Forensic Science Web Page: Crime Scence Processing and do CHEMISTRY WORKSHEET: Crime Scence Processing (for homework).
May 12
Students will do the Bullet Type Identification Lab and complete the lab report (in class).  They will read Forensic Science Web Page: Firearms and Toolmark Identification and do CHEMISTRY WORKSHEET: Firearm and Toolmark Identification (for homework).  To study for a makeup test, click here
May 13
Students will watch the Discovery Channel School video: Chemical Detectives and read Fingerprint Identification Paper.  The will do CHEMISTRY WORKSHEET: Fingerprint Identification (in class).  They can do the vocabulary wordsearh puzzle for extra credit after completing the Worksheet.

Links of the Week:

Criminal Law:
Crime Scene Evidence File:

Fingerprint Analysis--the Basics:

Forensic Activities (to do at home):

Careers in Law Enforcement

Challenge Question of the Week:

What type of skin is the only skin on the body without hairs?

(Email your answer to me.  You may use any source to research the answer.)

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