Using the Scientific Method

Problem: What causes the dinosaur eggs in your oatmeal to hatch?

Hypothesis: (What do you think?)


2- 50 mL beakers                                                                                     10 mL graduated cylinder

at least 3 dinosaur eggs from “Dinosaur Eggs” oatmeal                               eye dropper

hot plate                                                                                                   pan

water                                                                                                        hot pad

stirring rod                                                                                                test tube holder

test tube                                                                                                  


1.   Observe the dinosaur eggs and record their characteristics in the Data Table.

2.   Heat a pan of water to the boiling point.

3.   Place on egg in each beaker.

4.   Add 10 mL of cold water to the first beaker and stir for 1 minute.

5.   Observe what happened to the egg and record it in the Data Table

6.   Use the eye dropper to fill the graduated cylinder to the 10 mL mark.  Be careful not to get the water on yourself.

7.   Use a hot pad to hold your cylinder of water and pour it into the other beaker with the egg.

8.   Observe what happened to the egg and record it in the Data Table.

9.   Place an egg in a test tube and grasp it with a test tube holder.

10. Hold the test tube in the pan of boiling water for one minute.  Keep your hand and arm as far away from heated pan as possible.

11. Record your observations in the Data Table


 Before TreatmentHot Water TreatmentCold Water TreatmentHeated Test Tube Treatment
Appearance After One Minute    


1.   Which factor was most important in causing the dinosaur eggs to hatch, heat or moisture? ____________________________________________________________________________________

2.   Explain how you came to this conclusion? ____________________________________________________________________________________  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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