• Have students do this NOVA activity for classifying fish. The worksheet is in html or (pdf).
  • Try this “Animal Classifications” game.
  • This “Drag and Drop” game has students put the classification categories in the correct order.
  • Have students do this “Classification” (doc) wordsearch puzzle with answers (doc).
  • Here is an activity for making a cladogram (pdf).
  • Using a dichotomous key to identify “Pamishan Creatures.”
  • Use a dichotomous key to identify imaginary creatures of the genus “Norno.”
  •  Try this “Interpreting Graphics–Taxonomy” worksheet.
  • All In the Family” is an online PBS activity in which students construct a cladogram.
  • Molecular Evidence for Evolutionary Relationships” is a Teacher’s Domain lesson (You must register for free to access.) that includes videos, readings, and worksheets. In one activity, students construct a cladogram.
  • Try this “Cladograms and Genetics” (doc) activity from Mrs. Rebello.
  • And do Mrs. Rebello’s “Constructing a Cladogram” (doc) activity, and extention of the Biology Corner activity.
  • In “Harry Potter and the Dichotomous Key” (pdf) students use a key to classify jelly beans.
  • Have students classify these “Creepy Critters” (pdf) into similar groups. Creepy Critter cards (pdf) are included.


  • Use pictures of labware (or the actual labware) to make a dichotomous key (doc). This diagram (doc) can be used to organize the labware.
  • Cladistics Is a Zip. . . Baggie” uses ziploc bags of varying sizes to produce a cladogram. PDF files are included for student handouts and much more.
  • NOVA‘s “Hardware Organism” lab has students classify types of screws and nails and develop a cladogram for them. It includes HTML and PDF handouts for students. I developed a blank characterics chart and cladogram (doc) to use with this activity.


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