RNA Translation

Names:  ____________________________________ Objective:  To determine the amino acid sequence that would be produced by the mRNA created in the RNA Translation Activity Materials: Your mRNA model                              mRNA Codon – Amino Acid Table Procedure: 1.   Beginning with the 1st three bases on your mRNA model, use the table below to determine what amino acid each mRNA codon will code for. 2.   Write the … Read more

RNA Transcription

Names:   Objective:  Formulate a model to show how the order of bases in DNA determines the order of bases in mRNA and infer why the structure of DNA enables it to be easily copied. Materials: DNA nucleotide templates                    clear tape RNA nucleotide templates                    colored pencils or markers scissors                                                Assigned order of DNA bases Procedure: 1.   Color the DNA template nucleotides … Read more

Osmosis In Potatoes Lab

Names: Problem: How will salt water affect a potato  Hypothesis:  ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Experiment: Materials: Potato                            measuring spoon 2 250 mL beakers          salt graduated cylinder          label     pen                                stirring rod balance                          plastic wrap or foil scalpel                           ruler Procedure: 1.      Label one beaker “water” and the other beaker “salt.”  Place 100 mL of water into each beaker. 2.      Place 3 tablespoons of salt into the salt beaker and … Read more

Gene Mutations and Proteins Lab

Names: ______________________________                                                                                                                     ______________________________                                                                                                                     ______________________________                                                                                                                     ______________________________ Objective:  To demonstrate how gene mutations affect the production of proteins? Procedure: 1. Use the following base sequence of one strand of an imaginary DNA molecule:      AATTGAACACATGCGCCC. 2. Write the base sequence for an mRNA strand that would be transcribed from the given DNA sequence.  Place your results in the table below. 3. Use Table … Read more

Cell Energy Crossword Puzzle

Across2. In cellular respiration, series of anaerobic chemical reactions in the cytoplasm that break down glucose into pyruvic acid; forms a net profit of two ATP molecules.10. Chemical process where mitochondria break down food molecules to produce ATP; the three stages are glycolysis, the citric acid cycle, and the electron transport chain.12. Molecules that absorb … Read more

The Incredible, Edible Cell!

Names: (adapted from: http://www.teach-nology.com/worksheets/science/bio/lab1/) Problem: How can you use gelatin and candy to make a model of a cell? Hypothesis: ______________________________________________________________________________ Materials: * 1 gumball . . Nucleus* 2 blue or green pieces of fruit roll up .. Golgi Bodies * 2 red or yellow pieces of fruit roll up .. Endoplasmic Reticulum * 1 teaspoon of round … Read more