Extracting DNA from Strawberries

Names: Problem:  Is the DNA in strawberries like that in humans? Hypothesis: Experiment: Materials (per student group) Ziploc sandwich bag 1 strawberry DNA extraction liquid (soapy, salty water) Filtering apparatus: cheesecloth, funnel, small beaker scissors Ice cold ethanol Clear glass vial Toothpicks Microscope Microscope slide Procedures If the green leaves on the strawberry have not yet … Read more

Crime Scene Investigation Lab: Teachers Notes

Get  blonde and dark hairs from students or fellow teachers to represent the hairs of the killer and victim. Mount hairs on individual slides using Permount.  You can prepare one of each slide and set up microscopes for students to view or prepare a set of slides for each lab group.  Label the slides. Order an ABO … Read more

Crime Investigation Lab: Biology Lab

Names: ___________________________  ___________________________              ___________________________              ___________________________ Problem:  When Roger Rabbit was found dead, investigators found hair and blood that didn’t belong to him.  Who killed Roger Rabbit? Hypothesis:  Who do you think killed Roger Rabbit, the blonde male with type B blood, the dark-haired male with type O blood, or the blonde female with type O blood? Experiment: … Read more

Cells Crossword Puzzle

Across 1. Thin, solid protein fibers that provide structural support for eukaryotic cells.3. Chlorophyll-containing cell organelles found in cells of green plants and some protists; capture light energy from the sun, which is conveted to chemical energy in food molecules.4. Nonmembrane-bound organelles in the nucleus where enzumes and other proteins are assembled.7. Organelle in eukaryotic … Read more