Crime Investigation Lab: Biology Lab

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Problem:  When Roger Rabbit was found dead, investigators found hair and blood that didn’t belong to him.  Who killed Roger Rabbit?

Hypothesis:  Who do you think killed Roger Rabbit, the blonde male with type B blood, the dark-haired male with type O blood, or the blonde female with type O blood?



Blood samples (synthetic) from victim and killer                            

Prepared slides of hair samples

DNA profiles (UPC codes) for each suspect and victim                


ABO blood-typing kit for synthetic blood


1.  Look at the hair samples for the killer and the victim under the microscopes and record your results in the data table.

2.  Using the instructions in the ABO Blood-typing Kit, test the victim’s and killer’s blood.  Record your results in the data table.

3   After you have determined who the killer is from the hair and blood evidence, compare the DNA profile of that person with the profile of the killer.  (Your teacher has that piece of evidence.


 Blood TypeHair Color


1.   What information did you learn from the microscope?

2.   How are the bar codes (in the UPC’s) like DNA fingerprinting?

3.   Who killed Roger Rabbit?

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