Periodic Table Windsock Project

Objective: Identify facts about an element or group of elements on the periodic table.

Materials: Colored construction paper, tape or glue, scissors and string.


1. Cut a 15 cm wide and 40 cm long strip of construction paper to form a tube.

2. Cut 8 strips of construction paper (different colors) 2 cm wide and 30 cm long.

3. Write the name, symbol and atomic number of the element or the name of the group of elements, their symbols and atomic numbers on the 15 cm x 40 cm paper.

4. Write one fact about the element or the group of elements on each of the 15 cm x 40 cm strips of paper.

5. Be creative in decorating your windsock (colors, pictures, drawings, etc.)

6. Form a cylinder with the 15 cm x 40 cm by gluing the two ends together.

7. Glue the 8 strips around the bottom of the cylinder.

8. Use a one-hole punch and make two holes at the top of the cylinder directly across from each other.

9. Put the string through the holes and tie both ends to hang the windsock.

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