Gas Laws


  • Use this “Animated Gas Lab” to answer the questions on this worksheet about Boyle’s Law.
  • And use the same “Animated Gas Lab” to complete the Charles’s Law worksheet.
  • Have students do these Boyle’s Law problems (pdf).
  • Do these Charles’s Law problems (pdf).
  • Try these Combined Gas Law problems (pdf).
  • These (pdf) are Ideal Gas Law problems and these (pdf) are both Combined Gas Laws and Ideal Gas Law Problems.
  • This worksheet (doc) is a review of all the gas laws.
  • Have students try this “Gas Laws Magic Square” (doc).
  • Do this Gas Laws crossword puzzle (doc) or try this “Gases” (pdf) crossword with answers.
  • Or try this Gas Law wordsearch puzzle (doc) with answers (doc).
  • A question on a University of Washington midterm was, “Is Hell Exothermic?” This student’s response (docuses the gas laws to answer the question. Just thought I would throw that in for fun!
  • Show this Flash animation with audio of “The Gas Laws.” 
  • Abigail Freiberger of the Greater Atlanta Christian School provided this “Physical Characteristics of Gases” (doc) activity that uses animations on the web to investigate the physical properties of gases.
  • Paul Bizot provided this “NASA Animated Gas Lab” (doc) worksheet to go with NASA’s Animated Gas Lab. It is targeted toward AP Chemistry students.
  • The Chemistry Blimp” is a WebQuest that explores the chemistry behind the Hindenburg disaster.
  • Use NASA’s animated “Gas Lab” to do this simpler “NASA Animated Gas Lab” (doc) worksheet.


  • These are “Simple, Inexpensive Classroom Experiments for Understanding Basic Gas Laws and Properties of Gases” (pdf).
  • Use this Cartesian Diver (doc) demo to illustrate Boyles’s Law.
  • Try these “Chemistry Is a Gas” (doc) demos to illustrate Boyle’s and Charles’s Laws.
  • Do this Boyle’s Law Microscale experiment or this Charles’s Law Microscale experiment.
  • Gas Laws” is a virtual lab that uses this “Boyle’s Law” animation, this graph pad, and this “Charles’s Law” animation.
  • Set up 11 lab stations with this “Gas Laws Smorgasbord” from Arbor Scientific.
  • Have students do Discovery School’s “Temperature and Pressure” (pdf) lab, designed for grades 6-8, that uses carbonated sodas. It includes a “Temperature and Pressure Data Sheet” (pdf).
  • Try Joyce Hooley-Bartlett’s “Exploration of Gasses” (doc) demos.
  • In Beverly Frommel’s “Marshmallow Madness” (doc), student’s use plastic syringes and marshmallows to test one of the basic gas laws.
  • Try Rosemarie Smith’s “Alka Seltzer and the Ideal Gas Law” (doc) lab. She has included teacher notes (doc) and a key for the lab (pdf).


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