Kinetic Theory


  • This “Collision Theory Worksheet” (doc) includes answers.
  • A “Phase Change Worksheet” (pdf) with answers.
  • Review vocabulary with this “Thermodynamics Worksheet” (pdf).
  • Have students do the “Kinetic Theory” (doc) with answers (doc).
  • Demonstrate the “electron sea model of metals” concept with this “Modeling Metals with Marbles” activity.


  • Demonstrate kinetic theory with Flinn Scientific’s “Sudsy Kinetics” (pdf) demonstration.
  • Do this “Observing Latent Heat With a Portable Hand Warmer” (pdf) demonstration.
  • This follow-up lab to the NOVA program “Descent Into Ice” (pdf) investigates the phase change of water changing into ice.
  • The purposed of the “Temperature Changes Everything” lab is to determine the effect of temperature on particles. It includes a student worksheet (pdf).
  • This lab uses toilet bowl freshener and moth balls to demonstrate “Sublimation.”
  • The “Kinetic Molecular Theory of Popcorn” is an edible lab.
  • Try this “Boiling Point” (doc) lab.
  • Do the “How Much Energy Is in a Nut?” lab (doc).
  • Or try the “Heat and the Calorie” lab (doc).
  • Do this “Melting and Freezing” lab (doc).
  • Try “The Sublimation of Air Freshener” lab (doc).
  • Or try the “Water Expands When It Freezes” lab (doc).
  • Abigail Freiberger provided this “Kinetics of Chemical Reaction” (doc) lab that is designed for an AP Chemistry class.
  • Try this “Kinetic Theory Inquiry” (doc) lab.
  • Do Shelly Rudnick-Peterson’s “Absolute Zero” (doc) lab.


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