Communities and Biomes


  • Have students do this “Examining the Stages in Ecological Succession” (doc) worksheet.
  • Try this “Comparing Ecosytems” activity. This is actually an activity to compare biomes.
  • Do the “Drag and Drop” interactive game that has students place biomes in either the marine or land category.
  • This “Communities and Biomes” (doc) wordsearch includes answers (doc).
  • There are 7 activities on biomes at the “North American Biomes” site.
  • The “Biomes” worksheet has students compare biomes.
  • Build a Prairie” is an interactive game that lets students choose the proper plants to inhabit a prairie.
  • Try the “Communities and Biomes” (doc) crossword puzzle.
  • “Exploring Biomes” (pdf) is a worksheet for comparison of biomes.
  • American Field Guide’s  “Primary and Secondary Succession in America’s Forests”  unit has 3 activities and several video segments.
  • This “Biomes” lesson from Teacher’s Domain (You must register for free to access) includes videos, maps, and readings in PDF form.
  • Play the “Biome Builder” (pdf) an activity in which players acquire a certain number of KiloCalories in a Bingo-like game. Then, working in groups, they construct a tiny animal community within the limits of their resources.
  • Terrestrial Biome Bash” is a Quia hangman game.


  • Have students do the “Building a Biome” lab where the teacher assigns a biome to each group and has them simulate it’s conditions.
  • See the affect of acids on plant growth in the “Acids and Seed Germination” (doc) lab.
  • Compare the water-holding capacities of sand, clay, and potting soil in the “Water-holding Capacity of Soils” (doc) lab.


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