Crime Scene Investigation Lab: Teachers Notes

  • Get  blonde and dark hairs from students or fellow teachers to represent the hairs of the killer and victim.
  • Mount hairs on individual slides using Permount.  You can prepare one of each slide and set up microscopes for students to view or prepare a set of slides for each lab group.  Label the slides.
  • Order an ABO Blood-Typing Kit that uses synthetic blood.
  • Put the synthetic blood of blood type you determine is the killer’s in a dropper bottle labeled “killer” and the blood type you designate as the victim’s in a dropper bottle labeled “Roger Rabbit”.
  • Cut out UPC labels from 4 different products.  Cut out an extra UPC from one of the products to represent the killer’s DNA Profile.  You can have one set for the class or sets of the 3 suspects DNA Profiles (UPC’s) for each group.  Keep a copy of the UPC that represents the killer for yourself.  When students determine who the killer is, have them compare the DNA Profile for that suspect with the killer’s.  I laminated the UPC’s so that they could be used year after year.

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