The Chemistry of Life

Activities Have students try this “Chemistry of Life” interactive crossword puzzle game. Have students try this Java “Biochemistry” word search puzzle. Or try this Java “Biochemistry Review” jeopardy game. Or this Java “The Chemistry of Life” matching exercise. Here’s an “Amino Acids” matching game. Try this “Chemistry for Biology” word search puzzle. Use C. Massengale’s “Biochemistry” Class Notes and have students take her … Read more

The Study of Life

Activities Find directions for having students construct a Concept Map of the characteristics of life here. Site includes a grading rubric. Use the online “Characteristics of Life” matching game. Online crossword puzzle for “The Study of Life.” “The Study of Life” Wordsearch and Solution. “Sewer Lice” (pdf) is a Flinn Scientific, Inc. demonstration for “What Is Life?” to introduce some levity into the … Read more


biology - feat img

Management Tips All biology teachers should start the year by having students and parents/guardians sign a “Student Safety Contract” (word-doc). I have included an optional “Web Page Permission” form in the Word version in case you have a class web page in which you would like to include pictures. It can easily be deleted. Show this “Lab … Read more