Biology: The Study of Life

Chapter 1 Outline Section 1.1 Resources: “What Is Biology?” section launcher movie. “What Are the Characteristics of Living Things?” section launcher movie. Section 1.2 Resources: “What Method Does a Scientist Use to Answer Questions in Biology?” section launcher movie. Chapter Resources: “Chapter 1: Biology–The Study of Life” review. “Evaluating Bias in Advertisements” Online “The Study … Read more

The Study of Life

Activities Find directions for having students construct a Concept Map of the characteristics of life here. Site includes a grading rubric. Use the online “Characteristics of Life” matching game. Online crossword puzzle for “The Study of Life.” “The Study of Life” Wordsearch and Solution. “Sewer Lice” (pdf) is a Flinn Scientific, Inc. demonstration for “What Is Life?” to introduce some levity into the … Read more