Changes in Matter

Look at the picture of the candle burning.  The wax of a candle burns into ash and smoke. The original materials are changing into something different.  Changes that create a new material are called chemical changes.

Look at the picture of water boiling and changing into steam.  Steam is another form of water.  Heating water did not create a new material.  In changing the water from a liquid to a gas, only the state of the water changed.  Changes in the shape, size, or state of a material are called physical changes.

Directions:  Study the changes that are occurring in each picture below.  Tell what is changing.  Then decide if the change is a chemical change or a physical change.

What is Changing?What Kind of  Change?
A car wreck11
Melting Ice Cream11
Wood Burning11

Challenge!  List three changes you observe at home.  Tell what is changing and what kind of change is occurring in each. Can some changes be both physical and chemical?

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