Chemistry Reviews

CHEMISTRY: Chapter 1–The Puzzle of Matter CHEMISTRY: Chapter 2–Matter Is Made Up Of Atoms CHEMISTRY: Chapter 3–Introduction to the Periodic Table CHEMISTRY: Chapter 4–Formation of Compounds CHEMISTRY: Chapter 5–Types of Compounds CHEMISTRY: Chapter 6–Chemical Reactions and Equations CHEMISTRY: Chapter 7–Completing the Model of the Atom CHEMISTRY: Chapter 8–Periodic … Read more

Observation of a Candle Lab

Observation of a Candle                                                             Names: ________________________________                                                                                                                     ________________________________                                                                                                                     ________________________________                                                                                                                     ________________________________ Problem: What are the requirements for and characteristics of a candle flame?  What are the products of the combustion of a candle? Hypothesis: Experiment: Materials: large birthday candles                                      matches shallow metal dish                                           25-mL limewater solution (I used disposable miniature loaf pans)             250-mL beaker 500-mL Erlenmeyer flask                                solid rubber stopper to fit the flask … Read more

Atomic Structure and Theory – Magic Square

Name __________________________________    Directions:  Put the number of the definition from the list below into the square with the appropriate term.  Check your answers by adding the numbers to see if all the sums of all rows, both across and down add up to the same number, the Magic #. Democritus  _____  Dalton  _____ Thomson  _____ Chadwick  … Read more

Atomic Structure Lab

Name:____________ Block:____________ Chemistry Atomic Structure 1.The 3 particles of the atom are: a.______________________ b.______________________ c.______________________ Their respective charges are: a.______________________ b.______________________ c.______________________ 2.The number of protons in one atom of an element determines the atom’s ______________________,and the number of electrons determines ______________________of and element. 3.The atomic number tells you the number of ______________________in one atom … Read more


Halloween Do the “Halloween Reaction” demo. This is a variation of the traditional iodine clock reaction and includes an animation of the reaction. Try “The Witches’ Potion” demonstration. This may capture their interest in acids and bases; you can explain the chemistry when you get to that unit. Sal Trupia from the [email protected] suggested “If … Read more

Forensic Chemistry

Since forensics is a high interest subject, I generally saved this unit for the end of the year when students are beginning to get restless. CourtTV’s Forensics in the Classroom activities require many chemicals that should be ordered well in advance. Activities trueTV has a multitude of resources. You can begin by taping an episode or two of … Read more