National Standards
  • This Glencoe worksheet, "Atoms and Their Interactions,"  covers the basics of atomic theory.
  • And this Glencoe worksheet, " Life Substances,"  deals with the three main nutrients.
  • Have students try this "Chemistry of Life" interactive crossword puzzle game.
  • Use this "Iron in Your Cereal" demonstration to show the presence of minerals in foods.
  • For an easier version of the above, "Cereal Flake Races," is done on an overhead projector and includes a Quicktime  video.
  • Have students try this Java "Biochemistry" wordsearch puzzle.
  • Or try this Java "Biochemistry Review" jeopardy game.
  • Or this Java "The Chemistry of Life" matching exercise.
  • Here's an "Amino Acids" matching game.
  • Try this "Chemistry for Biology" wordsearch puzzle.
  • Use C. Massengale's "Biochemistry" Class Notes and have students take her "Biochemistry" Quiz. 
  • Play this Quia Rags to Riches "Biochemistry" game.
  • "Toothpickase" is an enzyme simulation activity using toothpicks.
  • Have students figure out what the chemicals in their bodies are worth with this "How Much Are You Worth?" activity from Alexis Book, a chemistry, physics, and science teacher at The Neighborhood Academy.
  • This "Food Chemistry Testing" lab includes links for buying indicators and test solutions.
  • Or try this "Organic Compounds" testing lab.  It has a different test for lipids.
  • This "Food Chemistry"  unit from Vanderbilt Student Volunteers for Science also contains a food testing lab.
  • In this "Breakfast Cereal Lab" , students analyze the ingreadients in various breakfast cereals.
  • In "McMush" students analyze the food content of a McDonald's "Happy Meal."  Susan from the NSTA Biology Listserve contributed these "McMush Lab Photos."
  • Try Thomas Wanamaker's "Enzyme Simulation" lab.
  • Students determine whether yeast are carrying out fermentation in Kim Rebello's "Fermentation Bottles" lab.
  • The "Food Chemistry Experiments" booklet fromThe Institute of Food Technologists  contains 63 pages of food experiments, activities, and puzzles. 
  • "Mello JELL-O"  is a lab that demonstrates the effects of enzymes in detergent on Jell-o.
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