National Standards
  • The "Burning Peanuts Laboratory"  reveals the energy stored in food and includes a student guide .
  • The "Effects of a Closed Environment on Living Things" lab demonstrates how plants use carbon dioxide and produce carbon and how animals use oxygen and produce carbon dioxide.
  • This "Do Plants Consume or Release CO2? Or Both?" lab demonstrates how plants carry on both photosynthesis and respiration.
  • The "Rate of Photosynthesis" lab explores just that.
  • Do the "Leaf Pigment Chromatography" lab .
  • This lab  compares the production of starch in leaves kept in the light and those in the dark.
  • This "Fermentation by Yeast" lab  can be used in this unit or with the study of microorganisms.  This is an image of the lab report for this lab done by one student group.
  • "Photosynthesis:  A Controlled Experiment" illustrates the effect of differing amounts of carbon dioxide on photosynthesis in geranium plants.  Coleus or other similar plants could just as easily be used.
  • "The Energy Content of Food Laboratory"  is another activity for determining the calories in food and includes a teacher's guide .
  • In "The Heat is On - The Energy Stored in Food" students will burn several types of nuts and snack foods in order to determine their heat content per gram.
  • In Kim Rebello's "Every Breath You Take" lab students investigate whether animals and plants carry on respiration.
  •  This "Plant Respiration" lab  uses seedlings and a bromothymol blue solution to demonstrate that plants give off CO2 during respiration.
  • Try these photosynthesis and respiraton demos .

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